Woman’s disastrous neck tattoo left her crying for hours – but she missed big red flag

When tattoos go wrong – it’s not something you can easily fix.

An American woman found this out the hard way, although some may argue she was asking for trouble with the design she asked for.

TikToker @alienjarz decided to get a red ribbon tattooed on her neck, but it went so badly wrong that she was left in floods of tears for hours afterwards.

When she finally stopped sobbing she posted a number of videos on the social media site to explain what had happened and admitted she couldn’t even look at it.

But she confessed there were a number of red flags she ignored that were major warning signs as to what was going to come.

“I’m getting my neck tattoo today. Come with me,” said the hopeful TikTok star, whose joy was incredibly shortlived.

“It turned out so bad I literally just stopped crying,” confessed the devastated girl while sat in her car.

“Probably not going to show it right now as I feel hella sensitive about it. When I get it fixed I’ll show it. But yeah, I can’t believe I’ve got a neck tatoo that I hate. FML.”

In a follow-up video, she revealed that she was not aware that the tatoo parlour was only licensed to do small inkings and not ones of the size she wanted.

There were also a number of concerning signs that should have prompted her to leave before they got out the tattoo gun.

“Before they did the tattoo they didn’t clean the skin,” said the TikToker. “That was the first sign I should of walked out but I didn’t, which I regret.

“Then when they were doing the tattoo the guy was not using green soap as he went, which I also should have thought was sus, because I have a lot of tattoos.

“I was the most tatted person in the shop. If only I had registered that just a little bit more, I’d be in a much different position.”

Another red flag was that the artists didn’t give very good aftercare advice – claiming it was a “normal tattoo” and she didn’t need to put a healing cream on to keep it moist.

Having had over 20 tattoos, she realised this was not the right thing to do and for the first time ever left a bad review and no tip.

Giving an update on what happened next, the TikToker revealed she had discovered the studio wasn’t even licensed to do the type of tattoo she received.

She added: “The person that did this it was actually the sixth tatoo they had ever done. For the life of me I cannot understand why they agreed to do it.

“I also cannot understand why they marketed themselves as a tattoo artist. I feel like after that many tattoos you’re not a tattoo artist. I myself have done that many tattoos.

Thankfully, she managed to get a slot with her friend’s boyfriend, who is usually overbooked but managed to fit her in because it was an emergency.

Having been overwhelmed by some of the comments on her vids, she admitted she should have researched the artist better.

And also said she should have gone for consultation first to check out the shop, which looked “cutesy for Instagram ” but wasn’t what she expected in reality.

“My overall takeaway from this experience is look at their healed tattoos, go in for a consultation. And if you have a bad gut feeling, trust it,” she said.

Revealing her new tatoo, which was a lot thicker and a brighter red, the woman said: “She is done and she is perfect.”