Dad found dead by heartbroken partner at B&B hours before family wedding

A “wonderful” dad was found dead by his partner at a B&B hours before a family wedding.

Greg Davies, 36, died in his sleep in the early hours of Saturday at the guest house in Scotland, having travelled from Wales with his partner Cailin Turner for her dad’s wedding on Saturday afternoon.

Caitlin, 27, told the Daily Record she woke up to find the dad-of-one not breathing and tried to save him.

Emergency services were called to the house but despite their best efforts, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Caitlin said: “I was there trying to save him.

“He was such a wonderful character and the life and soul of everywhere he went. You only ever saw him with a smile on his face.”

She added: “He will be missed dearly and I love him very much.”

Greg had been a regular at the Queensferry Guest House in Fife, Scotland, which he used while staying in the area working as a roofer.

Claire Kelly, who runs the B&B, said: “Greg was a great guy. The roofing company he worked for used the B&B for the majority of my guest house experience. They were all lovely guys who couldn’t do enough for anyone.

“His partner Caitlin met Greg while he was staying here working and they had moved to Wales.

“They’d come back to stay for a family wedding. And sadly Greg didn’t wake up on Saturday morning.

“Everybody who knew him is gutted he was a one-of-a-kind guy. The sort of guy who was everyone’s mate in the pub.

“Everyone at Queensferry Guest House did everything they could that day and will offer ongoing support to the family.”

Tributes were paid to Greg, who had worked as a stonemason fitting granite kitchen worktops, from pals and colleagues.

One wrote: “Honestly I can’t get my head around it, the fact I’m never going to see that smile and hear that laugh again. You really are going to be missed more than you’ll ever know Greg, devastated, to say the least.”

Another said: “RIP Greg, I can’t believe this! I will look after Caitlin for you, you made her the happiest I’ve ever seen and I’m forever grateful for you showing her how to love her life again.”